Is Going to College Worth it?

Is college worth the time and money you spend on it?

Your college years are remembered not for the things you learn during your time studying for your degree.

They’re remembered for midweek drinking and skipping lectures. College is a waste of time if you go there expecting to be prepped for the real world. I recently finished studying Commerce in UCD. It was a great course and the degree looks sexy on my CV. But was it worth it?


I learned nothing during my time in college.

college worth it

The second I found out that it wasn’t mandatory to go to my lectures I was fucked. I scraped through every module purely on the basis that I had a black belt in cramming the week of exams. I’d mill through lecture slides and due to panic I would soak up all the information the night before an exam and regurgitate it all the next day. Consistently late to group meetings, I skipped presentations, my classmates must have hated me. But why did I care so little about my degree?

We’re rushed into filling out a CAO form when we’ve barely even figured out how to tie our own shoelaces yet. We must choose the occupation that we will be involved in every day for the rest of our lives, without any true experience in the field.

I chose Commerce because I had to. I had an interest in business, it was a broad course, and my parents reckoned it was an alright idea. When I found out that I had gotten my first choice, I celebrated. Not because it was a dream true, but because it made my parents proud. I celebrated because my hard work during the year of the Leaving Cert had paid off, and I could go on my 6th year holiday to Magaluf without a heavy heart.

When I got my college degree, I celebrated. Not because it was a dream come true, but because it made my parents proud.

I celebrated because I hadn’t wasted their money.

college worth it

That course was a waste of time for me because I took it for granted. I had so many great resources for learning about how a business works and operates, but I wasn’t paying attention. 3 years went by and instead of networking with my fellow students and building up some knowledge on the core principles that I could use when starting my own business, I slept in till 1 pm every day and only went into college to use the gym.

College was a waste of time for me, but only because I didn’t value the process.

Is going to college worth it? Only if you’re ready.

College was a waste of time for me, but only because I took it for granted.

A year on from my final year in UCD, I am employed as a sales executive for the largest provider of clear cosmetic braces in Europe. I’m developing my knowledge of how a business works and operates just as I should have been during my time studying commerce. Now that I know I want a career in business, I invest my time in studying sales and marketing strategies in my spare time. I now know I want a career in business, I invest my time in networking with my friends and colleagues,

Now that I know I want a career in business, I invest my time in putting the work in.

Don’t begin a college course if you’re uncertain. Take your time. Recognise your passions, your strengths, and your skills.

What do you want?

college worth it

 College is a waste of time if it’s without purpose. If I began my degree today, it would be completely different. I didn’t care three and a half years ago. I care today. College is a waste of time, but only when you choose your degree out of panic.

You see that’s the thing. We’re all under so much pressure. Everyone has a need to be normal. We follow the path that everyone else takes.

Go to school, go to college, get a job, start a family, grow old, die.

college worth it

Forget about that. 

The only thing that matters in life is happiness, isn’t it? So yes, work hard in school, invest your time in learning as much as you can. But invest in learning about yourself. What are you passionate about? Find your passion and run with it.

I got lucky in that it turns out that I’m actually passionate about business after all. I go to work and it doesn’t feel like work because I love why I do. It should be like that for everyone. Find what you’re passionate about and create a career out of that.

Choose a job you love doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

College is a waste of time.

Investing in yourself isn’t.

college worth it

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