Is Going to College Worth it?

Is college worth the time and money you spend on it? Your college years are remembered not for the things you learn during your time studying for your degree. They’re remembered for midweek drinking and skipping lectures. College is a waste of time if you go there expecting to be prepped for the real world….

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Honourable Business Men – Richard Branson

What does it mean to be an honourable innovator? We recently wrote about Elon Musk as someone who has contributed such a huge amount to society as an honourable innovator, it’s not even funny. Today, let’s look at one of the few people on earth who operate in the same head space as Elon. ‘You don’t…

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Honourable Sports Person Of The Month – Katie Taylor

When people think of Ireland’s greatest sportspeople, we tend to look at great footballers such as Roy Keane or George Best. We look at the recent efforts of Conor McGregor in  Mixed Martial Arts. We look at Rory McIlroy and Padraig Harrington in their unbelievable achievements in golf. But there’s an individual who has done…

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