Fake News – Is Everything You’ve Been Told A Lie?

Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking, they want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept it– George Carlin

We live in a world covered by a blanket of secrets. Everyone is either trying to sell you something or scare you. Why do we never question the legitimacy of what we believe and let our first assumption be our final answer? Gone are the days of creditable news or information. Efficiency and effective marketing has eliminated our effort to engage in critical thinking and all we’re left with is a blonde fluffy headed president screaming, “fake news”. And fucking Sian Walton videos. But hey, what’s the difference?


Who know’s what to believe anymore?

Is the real news being concealed from us or have we just become too lazy and uncaring as individuals to give a shit about what’s going on? First of all, I believe it’s a bit of both. To start, we’re a very impressionable bunch. We don’t tend to question alot of things. Nor do we take it with a pinch of salt. In this regard, many of us are falling victim to “fake news”.

However, there is a solution. Contrary to popular belief, you are an independent person capable of critical thinking, you just need to break some bad habits. That’s why we’re here to help.

To illustrate, this article is broken into two segments. First, we’re going to show you how you can avoid “fake news”, find creditable information and form an independent perspective on things. Secondly, we’re going to show you how the media and some popular influencers (not pointing any fingers…..Sian) are selling you snake oil and why sometimes you’ll never hear the full story.

How to avoid “Fake News” – A step by step guide 

Fake News


1. Consider the source

First things first, check your source. Where are you getting your news/information from? Move away from the story you’re reading and investigate the publisher, their mission, it’s connections and contact information. Is the source of information primary or secondary? By this I mean, did it come straight from the horses mouth or straight out the horses arse?

2. Read Beyond 

If you don’t read past the headline, you’re fucking retarded. Headlines can be outrageous in an attempt to get a click through rate. We’re guilty of this. For instance, we got in a shit load of trouble for our 63 Genders article, we had people left, right and centre calling us out on not promoting equal rights or anything of that nature. But if they read the article, they would see different. Not only that, read through it with a fine tooth comb. Sometimes authors adopt the persona of the individuals at fault and convey a sensitive subject in a comical way to get people talking, sometimes they don’t mean what they say, they just say it to offend people and get them talking. Email or contact the author and debate the subject with them instead of calling them out and making yourself look like a retard.

3. Check the author

Which leads me onto my next point, check the author. Do a quick background search on the author, are they passionate on a certain subject, are they trying to sell you snake oil, what have they written before, are they real or sell outs, just do a little investigation into them. Even email or write to them and try call them out on their shit, see how much they know.

4. Supporting sources

Fake news is everywhere, so don’t just settle on a couple of articles, have loads of sources on a particular story. See if they all match up. Try find some eye witness accounts, sometimes twitter is good for that, depending if people aren’t just looking for their 5 minutes of fame. Then like a jig-saw, you determine if all the pieces fall in to place, can you see the bigger picture.

5. Check the date

Is it still relevant. Sometimes sites will republish old news articles if a keyword is back in fashion with googles algorithm. Reposting old news articles doesn’t mean they’re relevant to current events.

6. Make sure you’re not reading Waterford Whispers.

If it all seems to be some outlandish, you’re probably reading Waterford Whispers.

7. Check your biases

Many of us are so deeply rooted in certain beliefs or values and these leads to a very bias tunnel vision. We need to start thinking like open minded individuals. Remember, it’s ok to be wrong as long as you accept what is right. Go back fact not fiction.

8. Ask the experts 

Cross check your findings see if they match up and if you don’t understand something ask someone who might. Just try and understand what’s going on.

When you blend all these elements together you’ll be able to tell the story as is. Nobody will be able to call bullshit on you because you’re hitting them with facts. It’s hard to call bullshit on a person who knows what they’re talking about. One man who’s brilliant for this is Ben Shapiro.

Snake Oil Merchants Selling You Fake News

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most of you reading this watch some type of social media influencer such as Sian Walton, Rob Lipsett, Tim Sykes, Vitlay and others whos names I can’t remember. These fuckers are selling you snake oil. For instance, the next time you see a prank video on Facebook, just scroll a tiny bit down and you’ll see a link to download an app, as well as that you’ll see the app in the video. These “pranks” are simple product placement and you’re eating them up.

Take a look at the amount of woman modelling themselves as gym-shark affiliates because of Sian Walton, that company is laughing all the way to the bank at your manipulative mindset. You’re eating up their products trying to be somebody that you’re not. These people aren’t adding value to your life. They’re dipping into your pockets and providing you with grade z entertainment and information. Sian Walton claims to be a fitness expert yet she eats donuts every two seconds and Lipsett is always trying to sell you something from haircuts to fuckin’ pre-packed meals.

It’s all fake news people. Read some real shit. Don’t turn into a fucking mushroom watching this shit, develop your own skill sets and teach others the real way of doing things unlike these fucking sell outs.

Check out this video below and see how many products and bullshit information pops up –

I’d say check out their Instagrams too but I’d be sending sales their way. Don’t fall for the snake oil merchants.

Anyway that concludes my rant for the day. Hope you enjoyed and you’re a little wiser.


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