The Secret Behind Finding Your Passion by Megan Hussey

The Secret Behind Finding Your Passion by Megan Hussey – Check out Megan’s Blog here!


Passion. What is it? Sounds like a big, fancy, oh la la type word but really, it’s simple.

Passion = doing what you love 

Finding your passion is extremely important in all aspects of life. Particularly, when it comes to finding a sense of self and also when evaluating career prospects. This post is going to focus on explaining passion, finding your passion and how to making a living out of it.

Finding Your Passion.

First things first, you gotta figure out what you’re actually passionate about. As I mentioned, your passion is simply doing what you love. Still, it can be difficult to figure out what you’re truly enthusiastic about. Finding this comes with discovering your sense of self which tends to come naturally as we mature. If you haven’t quite figured yourself out don’t worry! Finding your passion is a hurdle in the road to self discovery.

Find it.

What do you love doing? What is it that keeps a constant smile on your face? It does not conform to a certain set of rules or things.  By this I mean that finding your passion isn’t always going to be straight forward. It may not be a set activity or a hobby. It could be something that’s more philosophical, even political. If this is the case you will have to dig a little deeper. Your passion can lie ANYWHERE.

Here’s an example;

playing sport may be something you absolutely love, it is something that you get excited about, you love watching it, playing it and talking about it. If that’s the case, you could say you have a passion for sport. In this case a sport related career is something you would be ecstatic about.

That was easy enough to figure out right? But what if thats not the case for you? Your passion doesn’t lie with a set activity like a sport. You need to dig a little deeper.

Example number two;

You see an elderly person struggling with their shopping and you decide to go over and help them (go you, you good samaritan) at this moment you feel extremely happy, it lifts your mood and leaves a smile on your face for the rest of the day. All of a sudden, you start to notice a trend. You help your sister with her homework, you help a friend with a problem, it leaves you feeling good about yourself and when someone needs help you’re happy to do so. Dig deep here, you have an underlying desire to help people. So if helping others is your groove, find a career that helps you help others.

In short, if your passion is not easily accessible to you, you’ve got to dig deep, gain self awareness and read between the lines.

Write down what you love, write down your goals, write down what you’re good at and find a connection.

Do it.

Turn it into something you can do everyday. This requires a lot of thought, some creativity and hard work. Rule number one of turning your passion into your career is “STOP CARING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS” . This is crucial especially if your this requires you to be brave and put yourself out there.Everyone is going to have an opinion, your family, your friends and even people you barely know.

Passion does not conform to the limits placed on you by other people’s opinions and neither should you.

Rule number two; Learn that money does not equal happiness. Don’t sacrifice your end goal to make a quick buck. By this I mean, don’t stick with a job you hate just because the money is good, no amount of money can buy you self fulfilment. Keep working on the job that fulfils your passion, work hard and I guarantee you that you will succeed.  

Happiness cannot be bought and the “happiness” that is bought is short lived. It is crucial that you realise this because profiting from you passion may take time. Profits may not come straight away but when they do come and you finally can make a sustainable living doing what you love you’ll be happy you didn’t give up.

Making a living from your it is going to require hard work. If it requires you to work a second job while developing a sustainable income from your true passion; do it. As long as you don’t give up you’re on the right track. Just keep thinking of the day when you can finally say “I made it”.

To sum it up:

Finding your passion = some soul searching, blocking out the haters, patience and hard work.



On a final note, you can really notice a difference when people are passionate about something. It is so easy to tell if someones being genuine. Take a doctor for example, now doctors are great and I admire them all for their dedication to their practice. However, I believe you can really tell the difference between a doctor who is passionate and a doctor who (still helpful and great) doesn’t have a true love and respect for the medical world.

I think this is portrayed in your vibes. Although I think doctors are great, I’ve really noticed the difference between the doctors with a passion which makes me inclined to return to their practice as opposed to a doctor who was still giving me qualified accurate information but lacking in the passion. In short, you are going to be better at anything you do if it is in line with your passion.


If you take anything from this post let it be this; find your passion, don’t be afraid, you do you and stay true to yourself and most of all don’t sacrifice your happiness for anything.


Written by Megan Hussey



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