The First Cut Is The Deepest – The best first time experience everyone should encounter

“I remember the first time……”

Say it to yourself again, what’s the first time experience that pops into your head? It’s a good memory, isn’t it? Very rarely do we ever remember the first time we failed something, or lost, or felt sad. Most of the time, we seem to remember the first “good thing”. It’s likely that many of you will find yourselves reminiscing about losing your virginity, your first job, your first car or other milestones in your life.

We always remember the “first time” or the “last time” but never anything in between. Surely that’s the most important part. The in-between. The journey getting from the “first time” to the “last time”. There the moments that define us. Everyone wants to win but nobody wants to lose. We all want to be smart but nobody wants to study. Everybody wants to be rich but nobody wants to be poor. All of us want to be happy but nobody wants to be sad. You get my point?

Everyone wants to make something of themselves. Every single one of us wants to have a long and fulfilling life. A lot of people don’t want to be forgotten. Yet, those that are forgotten are the ones that never started something in the first place, your first time experience is something everyone has to go through, so ask yourself this;

“Would you rather take a leap of faith or become an old man filled with regret?”

Myself and Gavin were sceptical at first starting this blog because of our inexperience in producing pieces of writing, combined with doubts over what we could contribute to your life. Yet, we took the leap. Stepping out of our comfort zones has allowed us to achieve wonders. We now feel confident enough to share our insights with you and remain hopeful that it will add value to your life. You no longer have to hold back due to fear of failure, not for any reason in particular but because there is no good enough reason to hold onto that fear.

Your first time experience: Learn how to get ‘it’

While we may know nothing about a lot of things, we can’t help but feel adamant that we get ‘it’. Whether you interpret ‘it’ as the meaning of life, the key to happiness, or how to “pull it off”, we reckon we get ‘it’.

Just to finish up, this whole blog is going to be a journey in which hopefully you develop alongside us as we go along. We decided to dive right into this and right at this moment we’re challenging you to do the same. Start something new right now. Whether it be a new novel, joining a gym or even guitar lessons. Go out now and invest in yourself. Whatever you decide to do keep going with it until someone remembers your name.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”


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