Americas Gun Fever Is Out Of Control – Why Americans Need Gun Control.

Thousands of people every year in the states die from gun related violence, what type of policy could they implement in relation to gun control?

Last night 50 people were killed and 200 injured by Stephen Paddock on the Las Vegas strip. This man positioned himself on 32nd floor of a hotel room and shot down at civilians attending a concert with an assault rifle. When the suspect was found by officers he was already dead. The motive behind the murders is still unknown. Check out the chilling footage during the concert below

We just want to say that our hearts go out to all those who suffered. Shit like this shouldn’t be happening. And it wouldn’t either if America had tighter gun control. Americas gun control policies are by far too lenient. How do I ? Just look at the footage above. Clearly this shooter was mentally unfit because no one in their sane mind would ever even come close to doing something like this. It’s deranged. But unfortunately people like this man have easy access to guns. And it shouldn’t be allowed.

That being said, am I against guns completely ? No, I am not. I do believe it’s not the gun that kills people but the person pulling the trigger. Would banning all guns prevent gun related murders from happening ? No. If someone had the intent to go out and murder someone else or themselves with a gun they would obtain them, legally or illegal. The only problem with banning all guns is that you take the guns from innocent people who may need them in moments of self-defence.

Why do Americans have a right to bare arms written into their constitution anyway?

Regardless of what gun control policies could be put in place, Americans actually have a legal right to bare arms. That means you have a right, as a citizen, to own any fire arm you want. Why have Americans put this in their constitution? Surprisingly, this right is to prevent a tyranny government. For instance, if the American government became so corrupt and went against it’s citizens, the people can rise up and fight the establishment to take back their democracy. As ridiculous as it sounds, that is the sole purpose as to why Americans are allowed to bare arms. Then again, who can argue against them. It helps impose democracy and if you look at history there has been countless of tyrannical governments.

Gun control America

What is Americas solution to gun control?

First of all, I would have to say America needs alot stricter screening processes if you’re to buy a gun and that anyone who owns a gun should be listed on a private register. Similar to banks, there should be a central privatised hub that stores your weaponry out of your home and out of reach of children and teenagers and incases of emergency it can be accessed (tyrannic government), in cases of hunting a maximum allowance of 24 hours is allowed with your weapon, their should be an in house shooting range and if guns were to be purchased it should be purchased from this entity and this entity only. No longer should people be able to buy guns from fucking WallMart, that’s just crazy.

Anyway that’s my take on it, I haven’t got alot to say because it’s really not a big issue for me.

Check out this video below as Ben Shapiro goes head to head with Piers Morgan on gun control.

America it’s time to stop with the thoughts and prayers and start taking action with regard to your gun control policies.

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