Gavin Quigley  

What’s The Craic?

I’m just a young bloke from Dublin bouncing through life trying to figure it all out. I went to Ucd for a few years and somehow got a degree in Commerce. I would say I’m fairly passionate about business despite not enjoying most my time studying it. I’m a fan of basically every sport, from football to MMA. I even tried out the whole #fitfam thing for the craic back in the day. I definitely have a passion for sports journalism and will definitely pursue that in the future. Oh and as you can probably tell, I go gym, so I have an interest in the whole world of nutrition and fitness.

So what was my personal motivation behind establishing Infinity Illusion?

During my time studying Commerce, I kept getting asked what my plan was and what my career goals were. To be fair, I had no idea. I didn’t do an internship which was highly recommended by my tutors, I didn’t apply for any post-grad programmes, I just kept telling myself that I’d figure it out. Now I definitely haven’t figured much out yet, but I reckon myself and Sam could be onto something here. I’ve found something I’m passionate about and don’t mind putting work into in my spare time.

So why start with  a blog?

Well I’ve always fucking loved writing, and I reckon I have a knack for putting my thoughts onto paper. That’s why I got involved with this shit. Me and Sam know for a fact that we can add value to your life because we look at everything through a different lens. You might not like all of our content, but I guarantee you we’ll touch on something that will strike a nerve with you, it will resonate and you’ll finally get ‘it’, That’s our mission anyway, so get involved with us and let us help you pull the pants off of life.

Gavin Quigley.