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Finding it hard to stick to your New Years Fitness Goals? Read this…

Firstly, and to be brutally honest I feel that the whole ‘new year, new me’ ideology is quite mundane. If you have a goal, a definitive end point you want to get to then the best time to go about achieving that goal was yesterday. Most of the time the waiting for the turning of the year is an excuse as to put personal change off for longer rather then getting at it as soon as the idea springs to mind. The present, regardless of whether it’s December 31st, January 1st or when a shock of motivation strikes you in mid June. It’s never to early nor too late to make a positive change in your life.

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But alas, it is what it is and the time of the year is the time of the year. You, like many others are going to pick now to go about trying to positively change the way you live, eat and treat yourself compared to the previous year. So, for that reason, at this point I will be in support of the New Years Fitness Goals approach and try offer my advice on the positive carrying out and most importantly, upkeep of these changes.

I think regardless of your stance on New Years Fitness Goals we openly or not all have at least one. Weather it be the advancement of your health, finances, business or our interpersonal relations we all want to make positive progress and we all succumb to the new years call-to-action. The thing is, although we all establish a goal very few of us actually manage to achieve it. A Study by The US Journal of Psychology found that although almost 50% of people make a set of  New Year Fitness Goals and resolutions just 8% of people actually go on to achieve them.

Why? Why is it that we set ourselves up for success, we visualise where we want to be and what we want to do but ultimately, most of us fail? Well the answer primarily lies in that question….


Without an understanding of why you want to achieve your New Year Fitness Goals there is sweet fuck all chance of you actually achieving them. No, your reason why is not ‘to look shredded brah’ and if it is I can’t help you on your quest to obnoxious self-vanity, one that will ultimately keep you unhappy.

Your why should be more inert and internally sourced than that. Your why requires a deeper understanding of self and it leads you to dig deep to really fish it out. For me, my why came from my previous life of ill health and childhood obesity. I had succumb to bullying, mockery and had every weight-related slur you can think of thrown at me. Until one day, it became too much and I finally got up off my ass and did something and ever since I  have not looked back.

When I doubted myself and my ability, I asked ‘Why am I really here?’ When I regularly met bumps in the road and questioned whether I would train that day because I was tired, because I was sore. I asked; ‘Why did I start?’.

Every single time I asked that question it would bring me back to that deeper routed reason for why i decided to change my life in the first place. You see when the path to your goal gets rough (and believe me it inevitably will) your perception of why can help shift you back to a mindset of positivity, a mindset of ‘I can’ Rather than ‘Can I?’.

I truly believe that the trick to continue visualisation of, and to stay mentally focused on your New Year Fitness Goals is to understand the deeper rooted ‘Why?’. To know why is to know how.

What you need to do

New Years Fitness Goals


Now, outside of this there are of course some practical steps and systems you can apply that will help even further in progressing to your goals. Different steps you can take to make your big end-goal more measurable and broken down. Ways to practically visualise what needs to be done in order to reach that final pedestal of accomplishment.

Make a written plan outlining your New Years Fitness Goals. Remember, a goal without a plan is merely a wish. Writing down exactly what it is you want to achieve is one of the most powerful means of initiating practical application we can use. We start from the top, that big end goal, the one that scares the shit out of you.

‘Lose 10kg of fat and gain 5kg of Muscle – Regain Confidence’

From there, we break that down into smaller measurable feats, all of which add to the bigger picture as if pieces to the Jigsaw that is your New Years Fitness Goals. ‘Visit the Gym 3-5 time per week.’ ‘Establish better nutrition habits.’ ‘Move everyday – 10’000 steps.’

All of these smaller, very easily obtainable feats are catalysts to that endpoint. By sticking to those, day-by-day that big finish becomes evermore possible. When we encounter a bump in the road, refer back to this hard copy that is the standards you set out for yourself.

Surround yourself with like minded individuals. A lot of the time we don’t reach our New Years Fitness Goals, our full potential due to the fact that we surround ourselves with people who don’t understand them, who don’t have those same aspirations to reach a higher standard of health. It’s vital that we keep people who are on a journey much like our own within the loop. It makes sense, I have always found nothing more motivating than the company of people with a similarly geared approach to my own. It establishes a support network and somewhere to turn when drive and focus may dwindle.

Enjoy the Process. The path to better health is a long one. It is often a rough one and it has many a crack and misdirection. Mistakes are an inevitability. Just refer back to your ‘Why?’ and to your hard copy action-plan. That is what they are their for. Accepting the fact that we may fall off the wagon from time to time is just as important as accepting the fact that you will eventually achieve your New Years Fitness Goals. So we must accept the definitive human nature of mistake and enjoy the journey we find ourselves on. Accept that these little things happen. But also accept that big things WILL happen.

‘Sometimes we need to fall down the hill only to realise there is a stairs.’

Parting thoughts

So, there you have it. A health professionals mental and practical approach to achieving your New Years Fitness Goals. I really believe that it is without the mental perception of  the ‘real why’ behind wanting to achieve our goals and the often absence of a structured an measurable plan that leads to the eventual disintegration of our motivation and eventually our application.

Achievement is not reserved for the mentally or physically exceptional. Anyone on this earth has the power to achieve great things with the right mindset and plans in place. It takes hard work, dedication and regularly reminding oneself of why the hell you’re busting your ass. I hope that you can take the above and apply it to your own goals for this year. I pray that everything you want to achieve for your health is there for you come the end of December. I’m confident you will continue to push yourself and continue to be proud of yourself for taking charge of your own mind and body. And lastly, I hope you have a happy and healthy 2018. Good luck and Thank you for reading.

Ross Byrne.New Years Fitness Goals

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