UNDISPUTED #1 – The First Time

It’s been a long time coming but we finally did it.



Welcome to UNDISPUTED. The no hold bars podcast produced by Infinity Media and hosted by Sam John Byrne & Gavin Quigley. In the following episodes to come will talk about various topics as we do on the site already. Ranging from everything to do with fitness, finance, mental health and yes gender equality issues (and much more). Will give insightful opinionated discussions on just about everything crazy in this mad, mad world. In the following episode, Sam & Gavin lay out exactly what they’ll be talking about in the coming episodes, who they’re going to have on and the importance of starting anything new.

We understand not everyone likes to read (some people can’t even read – fact of the day) so we decided to create a podcast for you multitaskers and ADHD folks. Our ambition is simple and this is just another step on the ladder. We’re here to inform and entertain. We’re brining you the real shit from real people. No bullshit sponsors, no endorsement deals, no nothing. Just the raw shit. We’re here to create an open online collaborative community and we’re going to do exactly that.

Here we go, Episode #1 – The First Time. There does seem to be really a first time for everything and getting started is the hardest part. Just walking up and saying hello, once you start talking it gets easier. Or sitting down in front of that blank page, as soon as you start writing you have plenty to say.

Always remember; “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”

Stay tuned and enjoy.


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