10 Quick Sleep Tips To Help You Get A Better Nights Sleep

10 Quick Sleep Tips

Do you want better sleep? These are 10 quick sleep tips that will help you achieve a deeper more refreshing sleep

10 quick sleep tips

1) Set fixed times for sleeping – and waking up.

Sleeping in on your day off is a great luxury, but according to scientific research, it may do more harm than we think to the body’s circadian rhythms. Keep your sleep schedule consistent, even on the weekends, for better sleep hygiene.

2) Consider naps if you feel tired.

A brief nap can be a great refresher when you feel tired in the middle of the day. As a rule of thumb, do not let a daytime nap stretch out longer than 45 minutes.

3) Put caffeine to bed early.

You want to ease off the caffeine well before you go to bed – this is another good reason to stick to a fixed bedtime. According to the World Sleep Society, you should stop consuming caffeine at least six hours prior to turning in. Remember that caffeine isn’t just in coffee and energy drinks; double-check any tea, soda, and chocolate you have in the evening.

4) Regulate unhealthy substances, too.

Just as with caffeine, substances like alcohol and tobacco need to be avoided prior to bedtime. According to sleep experts, these should be avoided for four hours or more before you go to sleep.

5) Keep bedtime snacks light.

There’s nothing wrong with eating something light before turning in. You should steer clear of anything spicy, sugary, or heavy in the four hours leading up to bedtime, though.

6) Schedule workouts sensibly.

Regular exercise is a great part of sustaining and enhancing your overall health. Try not to push your workout routine too close to your bedtime even if you’re a night owl. Falling asleep can be harder than it should be if you exercise just before bed.

7) Keep your bedding comfortable.

Make sure your linens are comfortable and suited to the temperature of the season. Getting better sleep is a perfect excuse for tearing that old comforter off your bed after the weather gets warm and investing in a Costco mattress.

8) Find your ideal temperature and ventilation.

According to research, you’ll sleep better if you keep your bedroom ventilated by cracking a window. It may also help to set your thermostat a few degrees lower than usual when you’re turning in.

9) Eliminate light and distracting noise whenever possible.

Electronics in the bedroom can make it too hard to get a good night’s sleep. Falling asleep while watching TV or using your phone is a very bad move.

10) Don’t use your bed for work or general recreation.

Modern devices make it too easy to curl up in bed and send emails, work, or surf. For better sleep, keep the devices out of the bedroom. That way, you don’t risk associating your restful bed with the stresses of work or the amusements of the internet.

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