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We cannot be more grateful for the support you have shown us over the year. In return, we have consistently sought to bring you quality content and plan on bringing even better content into the future.

In order for us to do that we need to expand our operations. Your donations will help us build our own studio, source big names for our podcasts, get a rewards plan in place for those that contribute with us, improve our site, create incentives to attract high-quality writers and much more. Every single penny you donate will go back into our platform so we can bring you more valuable content into the future.

We also want to keep advertising off our site and other platforms as much as we can so you have no idea how grateful will be if you donate to support our site.

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What is Patreon 

Patreon is a website that allows people who create stuff – like Infinity Illusion and Undisputed – to get support for their work. We’re asking our readers, listeners and viewers to contribute just €1 a month to help us avoid advertising on our website.

You will also notice a goal on our Patreon page that if we’re able to reach a goal of €1000 per month, all of these funds will be reinvested into the podcast and help us get a studio and more credible names on to chat to.

Why PayPal

Maybe if you don’t feel like donating €1 a month you can make a once off donation of whatever amount you please. Every penny counts. Allowing people to donate funds on both platforms will help our expansion tremendously. Furthermore, we’re predominantly planning on using our PayPal funds to create an incentive scheme to encourage other writers to contribute pieces to get published on our site. All content will be approved by Sam and Gav before publishment to ensure you, the readers, get the most valuable content for free. Any extra funds will help us also improve all aspects of our platform.