Technology today is ruining your life: Here’s 3 reasons why

Technology today is something everyone seems to have a different opinion on. Some say we’re only a few years away from robots replacing people in intimate relationships. Others reckon the whole virtual reality thing is probably going to happen, just not in their lifetime. And of course there are those who think its all bullshit and that robots will never be used for anything other than in the manufacturing industry.

So what makes me think it might be ruining people’s lives?

  1. You’re addicted to your phone because of technology today

Back in the day, phones were used for phonecalls. People used them to speak to each other. That’s it. Today, however, they are used for so much more. Your phone is your life. We have a computer built into our phone now so that whether you need to Google something, check a calculation, look at a map or see what your mate had for breakfast, its all at your fingertips, literally. We have developed our multitasking skills so that no matter what we are doing throughout the day, every few minutes we will subconsciously take out our phones to check the time, and to see if anyone loves us. The daily exercise of mindlessly checking our social media apps is a vicious circle, when will we be satisfied? We’ve even gotten to the stage where a Whatsapp conversation is heavily preferred to a simple phone call.

technology today

2. You’re lazy

The development of technology in the last few years has not only led to people becoming addicted to their phones, but we’re consuming more video content than ever before. Everyone’s thirst for fresh content has led to a need for internet speed to be fast and for everything to be on-demand. Television is on a decline while companies like Facebook and Netflix have taken over. We have become a lazy generation. Everything must be handed to us and our natural inclination to work hard for what we desire has almost disappeared. If a webpage takes over 2 seconds to load, we’ll close the app and open a new one because we’re not arsed waiting. Being up to date on social media has taken priority over everything else.

3. Technology today has made everyone famous

Everyone has easy access to these apps revolved around user-generated content. We all have the power to put ourselves out there on social media. Whether this be starting a Youtube channel and posting full days of eating or deciding to get your arse out on Instagram to get free supplements, literally anyone who wants to do it, can do it. This has saturated the fitness industry meaning that despite the absence of a barrier to entry into the market. It has become impossible for genuine members of the community to rise above the bullshit.

So listen, don’t be worrying too much about technology today. Things could of course be a lot worse. But take these three things into consideration before you go fumbling for your phone as soon as the waiter brings you your food.


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