Infinity Illusion is the home of Infotainment

infotainment website

Infinity Illusion is an “infotainment website” that provides informational entertainment to a global online audience.

Or to put it more creatively…

We’re just two guys talking real shit and having fun doing it.

However, we’re not like other websites. We don’t give a shit about how much plastic has been blasted into Kim Kardashians ass or Donald Trumps hair. Surprisingly we give a shit about the REAL things.

Taking inspiration from infotainers such as Joe Rogan, David Attenborough, Warren Buffet,  Neil deGrasse Tyson and more. We cover an array of material from current events, philosophy, sports, hobbies, finance and numerous other topics. Furthermore, we’re here to document our life experiences and skills in hope that they may be of value to you.

Ultimately our end goal is to create an online open collaborative community where people can share their experiences also.

Why should you give a shit about some infotainment website called Infinity Illusion?

Overall our mission is to create a website that gives the reader/ viewer valuable in-depth commentary into the most obscure things in life. In addition, we wanted to take complex ideas and simplify them in a way that would be of an interest to you. At least we can proudly say the content speaks for itself.

If reading isn’t your thing….

Be sure to check out our podcast “Undisputed” by Infinity Media which is streamed straight to your home from our Youtube channel. Undisputed will provide insightful and comical commentary on just about everything that is crazy in this life. Not only that but Undisputed will also provide free video tutorials on certain expertise Sam and Gavin have picked up over the years. If you didn’t think it could get any better you can also listen to our podcast straight from SoundCloud and iTunes.

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